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What do we do?

Kamelizer is an angel investment studio providing funds and expertise to startups. We become part of the journey and help founders for the life of their company and beyond.

We are very biased to the entrepreneur and the long view of the company. We interfere as little as possible in the startups we fund. Lots of advice but we can’t force anyone to take it and we don’t judge you if you decide not to follow our advice – We realize independence is one of the reasons people want to start startups in the first place !:)

We invest small money, for meaningful stakes, in seed stage which is the earliest stage of funding- typically after product initial formulation. The small money target is to pay your basic expenses while you are shaping up your idea with basic product market fit assumption tests.

Because it is a personal fund, format is still experimental – no clear cycles. Just send us your pitch and ideas and we will reach out to set time for chat over a good cup of coffee!